NCTB Books of Class 6 PDF 2023 (Bangla & English Version)

At the moment I’m going to partake in the NCTB Books of class 6. NCTB stands for National Curriculum and Textbook Board, which Governs Bangladesh Education Boards Handbooks. NCTB was innovated in 1954 and its parent department is the Bangladesh Ministry of Education. Class 6 is a 6th- grade Education in Bangladesh and it’s a 1- time program. In this post, I’m participating the NCTB Books of Class 6.

NCTB Books of Class 6

There are English and Bangla interpretation books for class 8. Bangla and English performances are the same but different in language. So you’re now suitable to download the text from class eight. All the books are pdf downloads for class eight. Please note that all the books of Class Eight compendiums are from NCTB.

SL Subject Name Bangla Version English Version
১। বাংলা pdf pdf
২। English pdf pdf
৩। গণিত pdf pdf
৪। বিজ্ঞান অনুসন্ধানী পাঠ pdf pdf
৫। বিজ্ঞান অনুশীলন বই pdf pdf
৭। ইতিহাস ও সামাজিক বিজ্ঞান অনুশীলন বই pdf pdf
৮। ডিজিটাল প্রযুক্তি pdf pdf
৯। স্বাস্থ্য সুরক্ষা pdf pdf
১০। জীবন ও জীবিকা pdf pdf
১১ শিল্প ও সংস্কৃতি pdf pdf
১২। ইসলাম শিক্ষা pdf pdf
১৩। হিন্দুধর্ম শিক্ষা pdf pdf
১৪। খ্রিস্ট্রধর্ম শিক্ষা pdf pdf
১৫। বৌদ্ধধর্ম শিক্ষা pdf pdf

Download the Class 6 PDF Text Book

Bangladesh NCTB education book also called the NCTB text pdf interpretation. Then are NCTB Books of Class 6 2023 handbooks for pdf download. You can download all the pdf books, but you’ll need a pdf anthology to read this book. When you’re using a computer, you may use the EDGE cybersurfer. You can also use other software similar to Adobe pdf anthology or Foxit pdf anthology.

You can use Adobe Anthology or a mobile office operation on your Android smartphone. Then you can download your preferred interpretation of pdf books. Still, please let us know If you face any problems getting the pdf books for class 6. Comment below if you have any NCTB text-related questions.

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