PSC Result 2019 will be in your hands on 29th December 2019. Here you can find all the important information that is related to the PSC exam. PSC result 2019 is the topic of this discussion. PSC Examination Result 2019 is also well-known as Prathomik Somaponi Result.

Here you will find when PSC Result 2019 BD will be published and how you can check your expected PSC and Ebtedayee results easily. PSC Results will be available on our website. You will easily be able to check your desired PSC Result or Equivalent from our website.

PSC Result 2019 Bangladesh

PSC Result 2019 Bangladesh

To date, PSC the abbreviation of Primary School Certificate examination is one of the prominent public exams. PSC and Ebtedayee exams and results are maintained by the directorate of primary education, Bangladesh. The PSC and Equivalent exam passed students will be able to get admitted to Secondary school/equivalent institutions in 2019.

PSC Result 2019 Published Date

Primary School Certificate Exam PSC Results 2019 is going to be published on 29th December 2019. PSC and Ebtedayee exams were included as the first public exam in 2009 and 2010 respectively. In 2009 and 2010, PSC Results was declared district base. In 2011, the PSC result was published by grade method. Ministry of Primary & Mass Education & Department of Primary Education took necessary measures to conduct fair & standard exams in 2019. Check JSC Result 2019 from here.

This year too PSC Result is going to be published on account of GPA. PSC exam 2019 started on 20 November 2019. Ebtedayee exam 2019 also began on 20 November 2019. Both PSC and Ebtedayee exam 2019 concluded on 27 November 2019.

How to Get PSC Result?

PSC Result 2019 will be available online, via mobile SMS, and also by the EIIN number of your school. On the appointed day, the director of DPE submits the PSC Exam Result to the Education Minister.  Education Minister Dr. Dipu Moni hands over the results sheet to the Honorable Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina.

Then, the summary of the results (division-wise pass rate) will be announced through a press briefing. Nextly, the result sheet will be sent to the institutions. PSC Result 2019 will then be found on the official website at 2:00 pm.

Check PSC Result 2019 Online

Apart from mobile SMS, you can check your PSC result in 2019 by visiting the official website of the education board of Bangladesh. There is an absolute site to find the results of public examinations of Bangladesh only. To check your PSC Examination Result online, visit

Then, provide your roll number, board name, and year. News and notices of every kind will first appear on the official website of the education board, Banglades.

PSC Result 2019 by online method
PSC Result 2019 online method

The procedure for checking PSC Results 2019 online is given below in brief:

  • Visit
  • Select General / Ebtedayi /Equivalent)
  • Select the District.
  • Select Thana/ Upazilla.
  • Type your Passing Year.
  • Type your Roll Number.
  • Finally, press the submit button

Check Ebtedayi Result 2019 Online:

You can check EBT Result 2019 online as well. Ebtedayi result 2019 is published under the Madrasah Education Board. EBT Result 2019 is published online at the same time as publishing PSC Results 2019.

The process of checking EBT Result 2019 online is specified below:

  • Visit
  • Select the Board Name (Madrasah board)
  • Go for the District.
  • Choose Thana/ Upazilla.
  • Type your Passing Year.
  • Type your roll number.
  • To finish, press the submit button

The official website of the madrasah education board is You will find the madrasah education board-related all information in this link.

SMS Method To Get PSC Result 2019

By using the SMS Method also, you can get your PSC Result 2019. Just type the info as per the below-mentioned format and send it to 16222.

DPE<space>Thana/Upazila Code Number<space>Roll Number

PSC Result 2019 by SMS
PSC Result 2019 by SMS Method

SMS Method to Get Ebtedayee EBT Results 2019:

Checking results by sending SMS is another easy way. You are able to get your Madrasah Board result which is EBT Result by SMS method. You need no internet connection for this. You just need a mobile phone to send SMS.

Firstly, Go to your phone’s mobile message option and Type: EBT<space>Thana/Upazila Code Number<space>Roll Number
Send the typed message to 16222.

PSC Results Bangladesh Thana/Upazila code Download

To get the PSC result for 2019, you need the Bangladesh Thana/Upazila code. You may download Thana/Upazila code from the following link.

PSC Result Thana/Upazila code Download

How to get PSC Exam Result 2019 via Android Apps?

Though last but not least, you have another way to find your result. Modern technologies, the contribution of which we cannot forget for a single moment, has kept their step in every sphere of our life. The other way of checking the PSC Exam Result 2019 is the blessing of modern science.

It is by the use of the android apps we can check PSC Result 2019 as well. Currently, many students use smartphones. To check PSC Results by the use of the android apps, you just have to install the app from the Google Play Store. You can check your PSC Results 2019 after installing the app.

How to find EBT results in 2019 by Android Apps?

You are able to check EBT results 2019 by the android apps. In this process, you need a smartphone and internet connection. Install the app on your smartphone from the Google Play Store and check your EBT Result 2019.

PSC Result 2019 Grading system

Marks interval Letter grade Grade point
80–100 A+ 5
70–79 A 4
60-69 A- 3.5
50–59 B 3
40–49 C 2
33–39 D 1
0–32 F 0

About PSC Examination in Bangladesh

The original education system which developed in the Indian subcontinent was mainly theological and philosophical. If the education system is not creative and practical, it cannot bring the necessary change in society. The conventional system of education separated itself from the common people. What is now recognized as the modern education system that was introduced and implemented by the British?

The modern education system started in 1971 with the Independence of Bangladesh. The Constitution of independent Bangladesh states that the State shall adopt effective measures for establishing a uniform, mass-oriented and universal system of education. It also says that it shall relate education with the needs of the society thus producing properly trained and motivated citizens to serve those needs. It is also committed to removing illiteracy.

The report of the Bangladesh Education Commission in 1974 sketched out the following objectives for primary education:

  1. Develop and nurture the child’s morals, mental and social personality;
  2. Bring up the child as a patriotic, responsible, inquiring, and law-abiding citizen,
  3. Develop in him/her love for justice, dignity, labor, proper conduct, and uprightness;
  4. Learn to read and write in the mother tongue, and to be able to count and calculate.
  5. Make them able to acquire the fundamental knowledge and skills needed for a future citizen;
  6. To prepare them for the next stage of higher education.

Though all of the commission’s recommendations were not implemented, the Government nationalized 36,165 primary schools in 1973 under an Act named Primary Education Taking over Act. This is indeed good progress in the way of implementing all the objectives. The Government also declared 1, 57,724 teachers of the primary schools as government employees. Again planned steps are gradually been taken for the development of primary education.

PSC Scholarship Result 2019

In order to promote education, Bangladesh Government offers the PSC Scholarship 2019. PSC Scholarship is given to extraordinary students who score high on the PSC Exam. It is indeed a great help. Again, it works as a motivation to study attentively. PSC Scholarship is of two types: Talent Pool Scholarship & General Grade Scholarship. PSC Scholarship Result 2019 will be declared soon after PSC Results 2019 is published. We will update the PSC Scholarship Result 2019 here on our site.

Ebtedayee Scholarship Result 2019

Ebtedayee Scholarship 2019 is also offered by the Government of Bangladesh. The little public exam passed madrasah students will obtain Ebtedayee Scholarship 2019. You have to wait till 29 December 2019 to see if you are able to enjoy the Ebtedayee Scholarship. Get your desired EBT result and enjoy what is in store for you.

Syllabus of PSC Exam 2019

As a declaration of the education board and the Ministry of education Bangladesh, the PSC examination 2019 was held following the Creative curriculum and the question pattern. PSC Exam marks distributions are available on the official website of the Ministry of education Bangladesh. There are selected set of subjects for each major field of study.

PSC Routine 2019

PSC Exam Routine 2019 is available on our website. You will be able to download the Primary school certificate Routine every year from our site. PSC and EBT exam 2019 started on 20 November and ended on 30th November. PSC Routine is published by the Directorate of Primary Education.

The PSC and EBT examinations were held in 7,194 centers including 11 overseas centers. There is a total of 09 Boards of PSC exams and Results. The total numbers of Centers are 7,205. Around 32 Lakh candidates sat for PSC Exams. The total numbers of boy Students are 13, 46,032 while the total Girl Students are 15,84,541: Total Ebtedayee Examinee is 2,99,715.

Short Details about PSC Exam in 2019

  • PSC Exam Starts: 20 November 2019
  • Ebtedayee Exam Starts: 20 November 2019
  • PSC Exam Ends: 27 November 2019
  • Ebtedayee Exam Ends: 27 November 2019
  • Total Centers: 7,205
  • Total Candidates: Around 32 Lakh
  • Total PSC Examinee: 29 Lacs 30 thousand and 573
  • Total Boys Student: 13, 46,032
  • Total Girls Student: 15, 84,541
  • Total Ebtedayee Examinee: 2, 99,715

You May Bookmark this page on your PC/Laptop by just pressing ctrl+D to get PSC Results 2019 both easily & quickly.

Directorate of Primary Education Contact Address

  • Mirpur 2, Dhaka 1216, Bangladesh. Phone: Fax: 02-9038122
  • Email:

After massive assertions of question paper leakage, the BD government has introduced region-based question papers this year. This is the first of its kind in the history of board exams in Bangladesh. Education and Mass Education Ministry officials said the PSC result 2019 will be published on 29th December 2019.

This year, Education Minister confirmed that question paper preparing, printing, and providing will be done with utmost security. We found the warning of the Education Minister came true. Question paper leakage is removed completely this year. We did not hear any news of question paper leakage in the PSC exam 2019.

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