Study opportunities in Bristol

One of the attractions of higher education for foreign students in the United Kingdom. About one lakh students come to study in the country every year. Higher education can be obtained from almost every university and college. This is because the country’s higher education system plays an important role in enhancing the skills of students in various sectors. The country also offers various types of scholarships to students. The University of Bristol is offering such an opportunity for undergraduate and postgraduate students.

Study opportunities in Bristol 2022

Located in Bristol, a city in southwest England, this university is one of the best universities in the world.

There are 130 registered institutions of higher learning in the UK, including 105 local universities, 20 international universities, and 5 university colleges. However, studying here is relatively expensive. That is why the universities here offer various scholarships for international students.

The University of Bristol in the United Kingdom is offering a similar scholarship for undergraduate and postgraduate students. All international students including Bangladesh can apply for this scholarship. The University of Bristol was founded in 18. It is a research institute located in Bristol, UK. Under the ‘Think Big’ Scholarship, students will be awarded a maximum of 10,000 on merit. The term of graduation is three years and the term of postgraduate is one year.

Things to apply for:

Social science; Law; Banana; Engineering; Health sciences; Any subject in the Faculty of Biology and Science.

However, scholarships in medicine, dentistry, and veterinary sciences alone are not available.


Graduation will be paid a maximum of 10 thousand pounds, which amounts to about 11 lakh 21 thousand Bangladeshi rupees.

A maximum of 20,000 will be paid at graduation,

The amount in Bangladeshi rupees is about 22 lakh rupees.

Opportunity to study undergraduate and postgraduate subjects in different subjects of the university. Application

No fee.

Eligibility of application:

Must be a citizen of the United Kingdom.

At Bristol University you can study anything except medicine, dentistry and veterinary science.

For graduation, high school should be good fruitful.

Graduation must be fruitful for postgraduate.

Documents required:


Birth registration certificate

National Identity Card (if any)

SSC Certificate, Transcript, and Testimonial

Transcript, Certificate, and Testimonial of HSC

Passport size photo

Statement of Purpose Letter

Letter of Motivation

Letter of recommendation


Application deadline:

March 26, 2022

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